/ majmua /

Dusty with a fresh mossy undertone

Majmua comes from an Urdu word that means ‘collection or gathering’. This ancient and robust blend contains no less than four different I T T R‘s. / kadam / flowers from the burflower-tree with a soft woody floral scent. / kewda / screw pine flowers with a smooth refreshing balsamic scent with a hint of hyacinth and honey. / mitti / the essence of baked earth extracted from topsoil after rainfall. / ruh khus / extraction from the roots of the vetiver plant with a woody, smoky aroma and a hint of mint. These four I T T R‘s are blended together in a mixture of sandalwood and sweet almond oil.

Majmua oil is very beneficial as it helps to improve the / concentration and meditation power / of the person by keeping the mind stress free. It is an excellent choice for relieving trauma and negative emotional energy. Its aroma restores the internal balance in the emotional body and helps in the soothing of the nerves, which provides great relief to the mind as well as body by keeping it calm and sooth.

Ingredients: A robust blend of four dark I T T R‘s | Kadam, Kewda, Mitti & Ruh Khus blended together in a mixture of sandalwood and sweet almond oil.




ITTR | Four Scents / amber / GRACEFUL | sweet and powdery opening notes with a hint of smoky pine & balsamic overtones / majmuaCABOODLE | dusty with a fresh mossy undertone / pachooliNATIVE |  moist dark earthy basement, balsamic and herbaceous with a minty woody undertone / oudhLIQUID GOLD | sharp woody and ashy opening notes with smoky leathery notes in the dry down.