/ majmua /

Dusty with a fresh mossy undertone

MAJMUA comes from an Urdu word that means ‘collection or gathering’. This ancient and robust blend contains no less than four I T T Rs. Kadam flowers from the burflower-tree have a soft woody floral scent. Kewda screw pine flowers have a smooth refreshing balsamic scent with a hint of hyacinth and honey. Mitti is the essence of baked earth extracted from topsoil after rainfall.  Ruh Khus extraction from the roots of the vetiver plant has a woody, smoky aroma and a hint of mint. These four I T T Rs are blend together into a base of sweet almond oil.

Ingredients: A robust blend of four dark I T T Rs – Kadam, Kewda, Mitti & Ruh Khus mixed in a base of sweet almond oil.




ITTR | Four Scents / amber / GRACEFUL | sweet and powdery opening notes with a hint of smoky pine & balsamic overtones / majmuaCABOODLE | dusty with a fresh mossy undertone / pachooliNATIVE |  moist dark earthy basement, balsamic and herbaceous with a minty woodyundertone / oudhLIQUID GOLD | sharp woody and ashy opening notes with smoky leathery notes in the dry down.