TTTR / general info /

TTTR bottles are to be closed tightly and to be handled with care, oil is a penetrating fluid we advise you to prevent leakage of perfume oil under extreme handbag use.

TTTR is highly concentrated and needs to be applied in small doses, it will be strong at the start but after some time when mixed with your body chemistry, it will create a heavenly scent around you.

TTTR aroma will due to its concentration stay with you for days. It rests deep inside your skin, clothes and hair. It morphs and blends with your body, in time it becomes you.

TTTR smells different from person to person because all humans have a different body chemistry and body odour.

TTTR can be mixed. According to each own taste one can experiment with scents and try out several different combinations. By experimenting with a mixture of different scents your own exclusive fragrance will appear.

TTTR regulates the breathing rhythm, will stabilize the heartbeat, soothe the nervous system and calm the brain. The aroma of ittr will lift your spirits to a higher level of consciousness and circulate the vital energy throughout.

TTTR packaging: the leather pouch will protect your bottle and is easy to carry in your handbag.

TTTR contains almond oil and is therefore not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

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