/ amber / Also referred to as the organic gemstone is an aromatic fossilized tree resin that has taken millions of years to form. Amber is a rich and sweet powdery scent that is appreciated for its soothing aroma. Due to its fragrance, it is extensively used in the perfume industry as a base ingredient for various perfume products. Amber perfume oil can easily soothe the mind by making it a great natural treatment for anxiety, stress an depression. Apart from helping you to relax your mind it can also be used in meditation and to induce sleep, due to its potent sedating effect. By eliminating negativity from the mind the aroma of Amber perfume oil ends up bringing an influx of pleasant and happy thoughts as it has the ability to relax brain waves.

Ingredients: Fossilized sap of giant prehistoric conifer called Pinus succinefera, distilled in sandalwood oil and blended with sweet almond oil.


TTTR | 1st series of Four CLASSIC authentic scents / amber / GRACEFUL | sweet and powdery opening notes with a hint of smoky pine & balsamic overtones / majmua / CABOODLE | dusty with a fresh mossy undertone / pachooli / NATIVE | moist dark earthy basement, balsamic and herbaceous with a minty woody undertone / oudh / LIQUID GOLD | sharp woody and ashy opening notes with smoky leathery notes in the dry down.