I T T R packaging: Little Cotton Pearls

The little cotton pearls are meant to be used for applying the ITTR à GOGO Perfume Oil. They are wrapped in a cotton pouch with a colourful oilprint. This little pouch is attached to our exclusive black leather pouch which hold the perfume bottle. Both are easy to carry in your purse. The oilprint is an original design by Tanja Gobitz, founder and owner of ITTR à GOGO

After using the cotton pearl for dabbing on your favorite scent, it is custom in India to place the pearl at the crest of helix in the right ear, where at this point the five cranial nerves come together and form a nerve centre, which are known as life regulating points.

Till today Indian saints and spiritual aspirants embellish themselves with ittar on a cotton boll placed at the crest of helix to assist them in their meditative state to attain enlightenment.

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