TTTR Miniature cotton pouch | Cotton Pearl

Our miniature oil-printed pouch holds a piece of cotton. This little pouch is a traditionally required accessory next to the soft black leather pouch which holds the perfume bottle. Both are easy to carry in your purse. The oil-print is an original design by Tanja Gobitz, founder and owner of TTTR

Apply TTTR on a cotton ball the size of a pearl; touch the preferred pulse points and then insert the cotton pearl in the in-curve of the external ear known as the crest of helix in the right ear, where at this point the five cranial nerves come together and form a nerve centre, which are known as life regulating points.

Till today Indian saints and spiritual aspirants embellish themselves with perfume oil on a cotton boll placed at the crest of helix to assist them in their meditative state to attain enlightenment.

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