During the presentation of TTTR perfume oil at Skins Institute visitors were introduced with their own Crest of Helix and the effect on the overal mental system when placing a cotton pearl dabbed in TTTR perfume oil at this particular point on our body.

Apply a small amount of TTTR perfume oil on the palm of your hand, dab the oil with cotton and roll it in the shape of a round pearl the size of a pea, insert this cotton pearl in the in-curve of the external ear known as the Crest of Helix, use your right ear only, where at this point the five cranial nerves come together and form a nerve centre, which are known as life regulating points.

Till today Indian saints and spiritual aspirants embellish themselves with ittr on a cotton boll placed at the Crest of Helix to assist them in their meditative state to attain enlightenment.

The images of Peggy, Jodokus, Robbie, Roy, Janet and Robert have been made during the presentation by J. W. Kaldenbach

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