TTTR | Photography & Inspiration
The images on our site are captured by photographer by Edel Verzijl. They show our muse Empress Nur Jahan (1577-1645) the 20th wife of Mogul Emperor Jahangir. She was the most powerful and influential woman at court during a period when the Mughal Empire was at the peak of its power and glory. One ancient story illustrates that in the aftermath of a conflict between her and Jahangir, Nur decided to please the king by giving him a large banquet. She filled all the reservoirs inside the palace and gardens with roses and restricted anyone from washing hands in them. During the day the sun broke down the roses essential oils, next day morning she noticed a layer of film on the surface. Nur thought that someone had thrown fat into the reservoirs, and had the oil tested. Finding that it smelled very sweet and that it must have come directly from the rose petals, she applied this substance on the palm of her hand and realized that it was far more effective than mere rosewater. Ever since Nur Jahan is associated with the discovery of ittr.

Photography by Edel Verzijl



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